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White Truffle Extra Virgin Umbrian Olive Oil

100 ML Bottle

Nestled in the heart of Italy's only landlocked region, the village of Spoleto in Umbria has been home to the artisan workshops and kitchens of Antichi Sapori Umbri since 1997.  Born from traditional family recipes, every item is prepared using the same ancient techniques that have been passed down through local families through the generations. Antichi Sapori Umbri continues to preserve the flavors of the “tradizione umbra”; the Umbrian tradition of simple, genuine ingredients.

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This pure olive oil is the real deal! The rare and elusive white truffle, native to the Umbrian forests, is gathered between October and December and can only grow if the weather conditions are just right. This extra virgin oil is infused with pure white truffle... and nothing else! Enjoy this extremely aromatic oil drizzled on pasta cooked perfectly "al dente", over grilled steak, fresh bread, or as the perfect accompaniment to your charcuterie board.

100 ml

Ingredients: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Umbrian White Truffle