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Our Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Temporarily Unavailable.

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Looking For Good Olive Oil?

Rich, velvety, and full of flavor, this Intenso extra virgin olive oil boasts a deep, nutty flavor profile with notes of black pepper and spice. Pairs perfectly with fresh vegetables, cheeses, grilled meats or fish, drizzled over bruschetta or crostini... the possibilities are endless!

We import this liquid gold directly from the producer. The Pruneti family farm lies in the heart of Greve in Chianti, some 20 kilometers south of Florence and has produced some of the most highly-awarded olive oil in Italy for generations. This is our most popular olive oil, and quantities are limited.

"For over 160 years, 365 days a year our family has been taking care of olive groves. Each fruit of our 26,000 plants tells a unique Italian story that can only happen here, in Greve in Chianti in the heart of Tuscany, a place like no other.

A land that gives voice to the sacrifices and passion of those who cultivate it every day.

We combined the teachings of our grandparents with continuous research and cutting-edge technology so that our olives can give all their generous heart and character with extra virgin olive oils, rich in nuances."

–Gionno and Paolo Pruneti