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Italy's Top 10 Hidden Treasures

Italy is best known for its rich history, artistic innovations, the glamorous fashion, elegant structures & culinary delights. Yet, the wonders span even further than the tourism scene. When traveling to Italy most individuals who have been up to 3 and 4 times still have only scratched the surface of the magnificence of this country.

5 Restaurants In ITALY That Will Change Your Life

When traveling abroad one of the most important elements to the trip is enjoying your dining experiences. In Italy, there is an abundance of amazing restaurants and local hidden gems that have the most delectable meals.

Nada's Italy "Lenses On Europe" Photo Contest

Our love for Italy seems to grow more every day and we want to share that love with all of you! Here at Nada's Italy, we have had 1000's of happy customers that have enjoyed the most amazing tours and vacation packages with us since Nada Vergili began her journey in 2004. Our beautiful small group tours have produced millions of extraordinary photos taken of the variety of destinations in Italy.

Why we are different

A lot of people ask “Why are you different from other tour companies”? Well, if you have traveled with us or had any interaction with our team, you know the answer to that!

What to expect from your hotel when traveling in Italy

When traveling to Italy or most places in Europe it is important to remember several things about your acommodations so you do not end up surprised or disappointed.  Most of the time, it is the expectations that ruin the experience not necessarily the venue. In America we have beautiful, sleek, new hotels with spacious rooms and standard amenities however, the same cannot be said about hotels in Europe.

Fun Facts About Italy

Italy is a vacation destination that is often dreamed about and sometimes attained but there are several facts about Italy that make it that much more intriguing.

Italian Food is Good for YOU!

Italian food is sometimes demonized as being full of fat and carbs and overall the reason behind weight gain. On the contrary, Italians are very healthy! A lot of this is due to the amount of time they spend walking or being active but also because Italian food can actually be quite good for you.

Traveling in the next six months? Here is some valuable information

With fall tours just weeks away we know many of you are making your lists and checking them twice in order to get ready for the trip of a lifetime. We would hate for you to forget something you didn't even know you needed so we are including some items that may not have made it onto your list.

Perfectly acceptable (and sometimes encouraged) things Italians say and do..

Let's be honest, Italians are different, good different, march by the beat of their own drum different but awesomely different. We wanted to share a few ways that Italians differ when it comes to normal social interactions, eating, driving etc.

Food and More Food!!

One thing Italians are passionate about is food, all things food, the creating, sharing and eating. Did you know that most of the regions in Italy prepare food that is local to their area? That is typically why you will not see fish on a menu in Florence which is more well known for beef.

A Favorite Wine

A lot of people want to know what are some of Nada's favorite wines? What does she drink when she goes to Italy. Well, there are more than one of course!

What makes a tour so special? Our tour directors of course!

This month's spotlight is on Senior Nada’s Italy Tour Director Leonardo Alessi.