Why do so many travelers choose Nada's Italy?

This is the only tour of Italy you really want to be on, because... it does not feel like you're on a tour, but rather traveling with a group of friends! These are only some of the many advantages that you will experience when choosing to travel with Nada's Italy. We are proud to have many repeat customers who know their expectations will always be surpassed and have given us endless recommendations. Grazie!

√ Unbeatable Value! Smart travelers know that if they were to do everything we do on our tours on their own, they would spend close to 3 TIMES the amount they spend when signing up for one of our tours. The costs of luxury services such as private guides, private drivers, a full-time tour leader, among others, are split among other travelers so you end up getting MORE and paying LESS.

√ Go places where no tourist has gone before! By traveling with us, you will visit places (hilltop villages, farmhouses, vineyards, and more) that are not on the typical "tourist routes", so you are treated like royalty as we have exclusive access to destinations other tour companies either can't get to (because they have too large vehicles) or simply choose to ignore. On the other hand, a lot of travelers simply don't know about these places and often cannot go there because they are too remote, or require previous arrangements for a minimum amount of people.

√ Small groups of only 12 travelers! We do not aim at becoming the largest tour company, only the best. We are focused on QUALITY, whether it's meals, accommodations, or guides. We strongly believe that keeping our groups small means a better experience for all: more personal attention, less waiting around, being able to get to places that large busses cannot reach, and a reduced impact on the communities and environments visited.

√ Easy schedule & convenient planning: We offer relaxed itineraries, a range of activities and excursions seeking out intriguing and off the-beaten-path destinations with extra comfort and a leisurely pace. All Nada's Italy tours start on Friday and end on Monday (11 Days/10 Nights) so you can catch 2 weekends and not have to waste any time off work!

√ Full-time service of a professional English-speaking Italian guide, including meal time (it could be Nada herself or one of her friendly local collaborators).

√ No Early wake-ups! Unlike most tours, our average starting time for an excursion is anywhere between 9:00-11:00am (or even later so you can enjoy morning relaxation!).

√ Free time on your own during day trips for shopping, exploring, relaxing, etc. so you can do what YOU want to do!

√ No up-selling! We do not offer optional excursions because everything you want to do is ALREADY included in the trip package. Our trips are complete experiences.

√ Calmer pace: maximum of 3 different hotel stays per tour so you don’t have to pack and unpack everyday, and you don’t waste time checking in and out of hotels.

√ Less time driving: more time having fun! Regional tours allow you to experience the local culture without having to drive from place to place to place to place..

√ Smaller vehicles can access historical centers, so you are right where you want to be, without wasting time getting there (unlike large buses, which need to be parked outside the city center, making big groups walk much longer distances).

√ Fabulous meals included: Fine wine, excellent food in upscale locations as well as authentic understated family owned restaurants, so you can experience only the best food Italy has to offer and not worry about ending up in a lousy and overly priced tourist trap!

√ Beverages included with meals, including red & white wine.

√ Fixed Trip Price & No Hidden Costs! Once your balance is paid, the trip price is fixed so you don’t have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations! Also included in trip price: local VAT taxes, government fees, gas, highway tolls, city access licenses and permits, parking fees, staff tips, and all other travel expenses relating strictly to activities specifically included in the tour package.

√ Remarkable Activities: The reason why you're taking this trip is because you want something different, a journey out of the ordinary, to be remembered a lifetime: a true Italian experience. This is why Nada Vergili goes out of her way to seek memorable activities that are not accessible by other tours, or even tourists in general. Escorted daily activities include: museum visits (including reservation and entrance ticket so you don't have to wait in line!), “insider” walking tours with local guides, artisan shops, private castle tours, excursions by boat, cooking classes, visits to cheese farms, private vineyard tours, and much more! (Many tour companies give you a ‘special price’ that may sound like a great deal, until you realize you need to add all the costs for the activities you want, without which the trip wouldn’t even be worth taking.).

√ Pre-trip assistance: Expert travel advice and packing help to make sure you’re prepared! Questions about...anything regarding Italy? We're here to answer them!

√ Personal approach: family farms, cooking classes, visits to local craft shops, vineyards, and access to other extraordinary destinations where you will feel especially pampered in an exclusive but friendly environment.

√ No luggage limit! While many other tour companies have strict luggage limits, Nada’s Italy lets you bring as much or as little as you want (but airline restrictions still apply, so prepare accordingly!).

√ Customer Loyalty Advantages: After your first tour with Nada's Italy, you’ll become a member of The Club de' Fortunati and receive the following discounts & perks:
- your 2nd tour with us entitles you to a $300 discount
- your 3rd tour with us entitles you to a $400 discount
- from your 4th tour on with us, you will receive a $500 discount PLUS 1 complimentary night in the city of your choice (before or after the tour begins)

√ A ton of materials for your trip! Guide Books & Italian Travel Phrase book, Luggage Tags, Maps for each town visited during tour, Nada's Italy travel alarm clock, DVD's, and much more to get you excited about your trip!

√ Stays in distinctive Accommodations: Stay in a 13th century Villa overlooking the hills of Tuscany which produces its own wine and olive oil, or try a Medieval Castle with its own antiques museum, or even a cozy hotel overlooking the breath-taking Amalfi Coast, and why not a family-owned B&B on one of the most historical streets of Florence tracing Michelangelo's footsteps? Either way, you are sure to have an exciting and memorable experience during your stay on a Nada’s Italy tour!


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