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Travel Agents

Let us take care of you and your clients. Nada's Italy is proud to have strong, loyal, and mutually-beneficial relationships with travel agents as well as referral-based partnerships across the USA. We love our agents and they love us because they know they're sending their clients to a top-of-the-line tour company that will consistently exceed their expectations over and over again.

We feel your pain.

Yes, we know your frustrations very well because we've gone through them too. Think about this: how many times have you dedicated hours of your busy time to please a confused client who flip-flopped and changed their plans over and over again? You worked hard to research and put together the "perfect trip" for them, spending hours getting quotes and making sure to get things just right? You've gone through your whole stock of patience answering every little question your client had regarding clothing, hair-dryer issues, meal options, and even weather conditions. Just like an expert magician, you were able to make everything come together exactly the way your client wanted, pulling strings, asking for favors, contacting hotels to make sure they took note of your client's special wedding anniversary, allergy to feathers, and need to be on a lower floor.
Then one late afternoon, just a few days before confirming all reservations, you get a phone call: it's the client. With the totally unexpected non-chalance of a cold-hearted traitor, they decide to turn their back on you and.... book. it. on. their. own. "Thanks a lot for your help, but uhm, we just can't seem to make things work this time around, perhaps next year. We'll give you a call when we're ready to book."As you read those heavy words in the email (because you know they don't have the guts to say it to your face), your whole day is ruined and you vow to yourself that next time you'll make sure you'll take actions to prevent this from ever happening again "I will have them sign a contract, they'll have to give me a non-refundable deposit, heck, I'll charge for my research!!". How many times have you put in hard work for someone who is ultimately taking advantage of your time? Who pays for all that wasted time? Nobody but you.

Bloggers, Website Owners, Social Networkers

Do you write a blog about Italy or traveling there? Do you write about food or wine? Do you own a website with information about Italy? Or, are you on Facebook, Twitter a lot and organize groups and events? Why not make money from your passion? Here is how!

Our smart and stress-free solution.

Becoming a Nada's Italy affiliate is super-easy, no links or websites required, no IATA or IATAN numbers required, and the process is totally stress-free! We are happy to pay out a 10% commission to our affiliates on our regularly priced tours and we have a smart way to make sure that you're getting it! So how do you know that you'll be paid a commission from sending your referrals to us? Simple. We assign you with a specific code that you or your client can identify your business with. You see, this individual code also functions as a special promotional discount code that you can give to your clients. If they contact us to sign up for a tour and mention the code, they will receive an exclusive discount they can only get with this specific code. So it's not just saying "Hey, Miss Nancy referred me to you.", which you know they would forget to say anyway. They will remember to mention this code because they will get a discount from it. This also allows us to track the code back to you and send you your commission. So if your client/referral forgets to mention you when they book the tour, you still get paid.
We call it a win-win-win! Is it too easy? Yes, we know, but it works.

Your personal affiliate code.

You can use your individual affiliate code in your newsletters, online, Facebook, Twitter, print media, advertising, blog, word-of-mouth, website, essentially in every way you have contact with potential customers. The more people know your code, more opportunities for you to get paid and not have to stress out about it!
What happens if the client gives your code away to friends or other people without you knowing? THAT'S EVEN BETTER! You get commission from people you don't even know!

We like to make the experience of working with Nada's Italy easy and completely stress-free for both our affiliates and our clients. We are here to answer questions that you or your referrals may have before the trip, as well as useful suggestions on getting the best out of traveling to Italy. As an added value, we supply a box full of information and travel goodies right after a client signs up, so they get really excited about their travel plans from the get-go, and they will thank you for referring them to us.
So, are you ready to build a profitable and rewarding partnership with us?

Contact us today and get your personalized affiliate code!
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Nada's Italy Tour Brochures
Quickly access all our tour brochures (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) that you can download and promote to your clients:

Girls Gone Italian

Traditions of Tuscany

Venetian Splendors

Jewels of the Amalfi Coast

Italian Treasures









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