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Rhonda Dupras - Customer Service Director

Rhonda has traveled extensively to over 30 countries and defines herself as "the goddess of travel". Needless to say, we are very fortunate to have her on our team at our office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rhonda adds great insight and lots of enthusiasm to our day with her bubbly personality. If you have any questions regarding our tours, she'll be happy to answer them and guide you through the registration process.
Our customer service phone number: 704.877.2003


Leonardo Bressan

Leonardo Bressan - Tour Leader

Leonardo has been one of Nada's long-time friends for.. well, a very long time! They met in high school in Florence, Italy and have been best buddies since. "Leo" is also a fun and charming tourguide who speaks fluent Italian (of course), English, and French (his mother is French). He is also a writer for the local entertainment guide, as well as an international contemporary art specialist. As a proud Florence native, he passionately leads most of Nada's Italy tours in Tuscany and saying that everyone loves Leo is an absolute understatement! We are happy to see that our clients request him time and time again and keep in touch with him long after the tour is over.

Nada and Leo 2

Leonardo Alessi - Tour Leader

"Leo 2" as we call him, is an amazing person who you will get along with right from the minute you meet him. It's so hard for our groups to "let go of Leo" after the tour is over, everyone just wants to bring him home! He's an extremely knowledgeable tour guide in Florence, where he lives, and also has an extensive experience as a tour leader in all regions of Italy. His passion is art, history, and last but not least, food! If you're lucky enough, you may end up in one of his groups! He leads many Italian Treasures and Amalfi Coast tours.



Alice Guernieri - Tour Leader

Alice and Nada had known each other for a long time since highschool, but lost touch for several years, until in 2012 Nada found out that Alice had been leading tours all over Italy and Europe. She had become a professional tour leader and Nada knew she would be a perfect fit for our small group tours. Alice has a bubbly, spunky, energy-filled personality, but she is also very knowledgeable and confident in telling our groups about regional culture and lots of great tips on "living the Italian way"! Alice is a Florence native and leads many of our Girls Gone Italian and Italian Treasures Tours as well.

Nada & Barbara


Luisella Venice Guide


Marco Scaglione - Tour Leader

When Marco and Nada met in 2012, there was an instant connection - they realized they had more things in common that they could have ever imagined, and their style of leading groups around Italy was almost identical. Marco is a super-fun, educated, always professional individual who can be considered a true perfectionist (just like Nada!). His attention to detail is unrivaled, but he also knows when to loosen up, get silly with the group, and break into song on the van! Marco always makes sure every single person in the group is having a great time and his caring approach has made him a team member we hope will be with us for a very long time. Marco is from the Piedmont region and leads many Northern Delights and Jewels of the Amalfi Coast tours.






Barbara Bruno - Rome Tour Guide

Barbara laughs when I call her a "walking encyclopedia", but her knowledge truly knows no bounds and will never cease to amaze me. Not only is she the ideal person to explore Rome with, she is also a sweet and funny lady. If you happen to be on the Jewels of the Amalfi Coast tour or the Italian Treasures, you will have the time of your life and Barbara will certainly contribute to making your stay extra special.








Luisella Romeo - Venice Tour Guide

Luisella definitely knows more than just some history facts and dates, she's an extraordinary tourguide from Venice with a unique approach to showing its landmarks. We've been working together for several years and I love the way she takes us away from the bustling craziness of Venice's tourist routes and into some quaint old residential areas, showing us what it's really like to live in this "floating city".


Margherita Pompeii Guide

Umberto Amalfi Driver


Margherita Ruggero - Pompeii Tour Guide

Margherita doesn't just limit herself to telling you about the history and tragedy that enveloped the Roman city of Pompeii during the eruption of nearby volcano Vesuvius, she rather "paints the picture", making the city come alive again for all visitors who take a journey back in time with her. She can take a pile of ruins and illustrate it in a way that you will feel as if you're there, hearing the carriages pass by, the sounds of sandals stepping on the stones, and the beautiful colors of the rich, luxurious villas that were once a reflection of local families' wealth, are able to come back to their once-polished splendor.



Umberto Di Martino - Amalfi Coast Driver

Meet Umberto, the most fun, easy-going, and definitely reliable driver on the Amalfi Coast! I consider him more of a skilled acrobat for his hair-thin precision in managing to swiftly drive the vehicle through the tight turns between the jagged rocks along the steep mountains of the Amalfi Coast and the oncoming Italian daredevil drivers.



Roberto Tuscany Driver






Roberto Righini - Tuscany Driver

This is Roberto, he may look a little grumpy and introverted, but he's been called the "best driver in Tuscany" by so many people, including most of my groups, and perhaps has received more rounds of applause than Liberace! He's a real sweetheart and after working with him for over 5 years, I know he's the only one I'll call on to drive me around the beautiful Tuscan hills.





Nicoletta Siena Guide






Nicoletta Landi - Siena Tour Guide

One has not truly experienced Siena and its burning passion for the Palio (world's oldest horse race) until they meet Nicoletta. She's a native Senese and loves to talk about her beautiful city inside and out with a touch of sarcasm and undisputable wit. She belongs to the Contrada del Bruco (Caterpillar), so if you want to make her feel special, just mention something about how you like caterpillars or the colors yellow and green.




Miki Veneto Driver





Michele Benuzzi - Lake Garda Driver

Michele or "Miki" sure knows his way around the Alps, Lake Garda, and the whole Veneto region! Not only that, but since he's a native of a small community in the mountains overlooking Lake Garda, he always loves to drive us to some really cool little spots that are completely off-the-beaten path, are incredibly scenic, offering the best views of our surroundings.



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