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General Information & Transportation

  • Italian Tourism - General information on traveling to Italy.
  • Italian Highways - Information on highways in Italy, especially if you're planning on renting a car.
  • - Great information on Rome, hotels, itineraries, events, sites, and much more.
  • Venezia Turismo - General information on traveling to Venice.
  • Ticketeria - Purchase museum tickets and exhibit tickets all over Italy and beyond.

Passport & Travel Services

  • Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate - Find out the exchange rate online, so you know if it's a good time to travel to Europe!
  • Italian Embassy in Washington DC - Are you of Italian origin and would like to apply for citizenship? Thinking of getting married in Italy? Do you need a visa to travel to Italy (if you're not a US citizen)? Start your research here.

Culture & Language Links

  • - A great online translator to understand the meaning and uses of vocabulary.
  • Italianize Yourself! - A friendly website dedicated to free language lessons, articles on culture, history, movies, and Italian cuisine.
  • - Why not say it in Italian? These fun e-cards are free and will give you a creative alternative to give your friends and loved ones a moment of light-heartedness.
  • - History about specific Italian regions and interesting cultural facts.
  • Italian Magnetic Poetry Kit - Put together the words on your own and see what phrases you can create! A great study aid for adults and kids.
  • - Connections for Italian Americans.
  • - Interesting Facts about Italy and trivia.
  • - Updated news, current affairs, politics, articles on life, weather information, as well as a section on learning Italian. Great website.
  • - Want to show your pride by wearing a t-shirt from your hometown in Italy? Here's where you'll find it.